Carleton Summer 2007 Research

In summer 2007, forty nine students did research with Carleton faculty in six science and math departments. Our HHMI grant supported fifteen (15) of these students who were mentored by 13 Carleton faculty. Another 34 students were supported by Carleton College and external sources (private foundations and government agencies including NSF and NIH).

Research Funded by HHMI (15 students)

Fernan Jaramillo
Stephan Zweifel
Arjendu Pattanayak
Joe Chihade
Steve Drew
Deborah Gross
Dani Kohen

  • Biology: Prof. Stephan Zweifel Using DNA microarrays to detect genome-wide expression patterns in yeast cells in response to mitochondrial DNA mutations (1 student)
  • Biology: Prof. Fernan Jaramillo Localization of the gating spring in hair cells (1 student)
  • Chemistry: Prof. Joe Chihade Evolution of substrate specificity in alanyl-tRNA synthetases (1 student)
  • Chemistry: Prof. Steven Drew The Synthesis and Characterization of Chiral Platinum(II) Extended Linear Chain Materials and Their Potential Application as Gas Sensing Transducers (1 student)
  • Chemistry: Prof. Deborah Gross Chemical composition of particulate emissions from combustion of ethanol/gasoline mixtures in a car engine (1 student)
  • Chemistry: Prof. Daniela Kohen Studying the behavior of CO2 within zeolites: atomistic simulations (1 student)
  • Mathematics: Prof. Eric Egge Symmetric Permutations Avoiding a Pattern of Length 3 and a Pattern of Length 4 (2 students)
  • Physics and Astronomy: Prof. Cindy Blaha Emission-line Study of Local Group Galaxies (1 student)
  • Physics and Astronomy: Prof. Arjendu Pattanayak Mapping the quantum-classical transition for open nonlinear systems (1 student)
  • Physics and Astronomy: Prof. Bill Titus The Quantum Mechanics of the Inverted Harmonic Oscillator Near Its Unstable Equilibrium Point (1 student)
  • Psychology: Prof. Kathleen Galotti Hypothetical versus Real Decision-Making (1 student)
  • Psychology: Prof. Julie Nieworth : Perceptual testing of an Autistic Model, and Nicotine effects on memory loss in Alzheimer's Disease (2 students)
  • Psychology: Visiting Prof. Clark Ohnesorge, Does fame moderate the other-race effect in the recognition of human faces? (1 student)
  • Eric Egge
    Cindy Blaha
    Bill Titus
    Kathie Galotti
    Julie Neiworth

    Research Funded by Other Sources (34 students)

  • Math/Computer Science: Prof. David Musicant (3 students)
  • Biology: Profs. Susan Singer (1 student), Matt Rand (2 students) & Stephan Zweifel (2 student)
  • Chemistry: Profs. Joe Chihade (6 students), Steven Drew (3 students), Deborah Gross (3 students), Daniela Kohen (1 student)
  • Geology: Profs. Clint Cowan (2 students), Cam Davidson (1 student)
  • Physics/Astronomy: Profs. Cindy Blaha (1 student), Nelson Christensen (2 students), Melissa Eblen-Zayas (1 student), and Arjendu Pattanayak (2 students)
  • Psychology: Profs. Julie Neiworth (3 students) and Mija Van Der Wege (1 student)
  • Matt Rand
    Susan Singer
    Cam Davidson
    Clint Cowan
    Dave Musicant
    Nelson Christensen
    Melissa Eblen-Zayas
    Mija Van Der Wege