Press Releases: CISMI & the Sciences at Carleton

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Prof. Phil Camill's work on permafrost loss in the Artic highlighted in a news feature on climate change in the journal Nature (April 12, 2007) (Acrobat (PDF) 1.5MB Apr16 07)

Carleton featured in documentary film on Green Energy (Jan. 2007)

Better Living Through Chemistry- and Math (Dec. 2006), a story about the HHMI-funded Science Scholars Workshop for students

Carleton Physics major does comps on the Physics of the Piano (June 2006)

Carleton women scientists featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education (May 2006, pdf file) and Chronicle article reprinted with photos in the Carleton Voice

Students study Geology in Missouri (May 2006)

Carleton Student Robotics team scores success (May 2006)

Susan Singer on the state of high school science labs (Aug. 2005)

Carleton students participate in HHMI-funded collaborative Neuroscience program (Aug. 2005)

Carleton receives Mellon Grant for Environmental Studies (July 2005)

Carleton students participate in summer research in science (July 2005)

Summer Mathematics program supports female undergraduates (June 2005)

Trish Ferrett receives 2005 Carnegie Scholar Award from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (April 2005) and more information on the work of Carnegie Scholars

Faculty Student Research
Geology classes use alumni help on water project (Nov. 2004)

Carleton's Press Release on its 5th HHMI grant award (June 2004) and HHMI's Grant Award Press Release (May 2004)