Important Next Steps

Compiling list of some of the areas where visualizations are particularly needed.

Cognitive research—research agenda; projects.
Research questions relating to basic understanding of what people take away with from using Viz.
Generalizable results about building visualizations.
Help develop research agenda; begin to undertake research projects.
Potential research questions, linking multiple representations and analogy, tools and techniques to facilitate that process.
Iterative process-scientists need to know what concepts to instill; curriculum development; must study cognitive representations in context of what got them there.

Collections on website-how to augment those?
Toys-hand on models; compile collection of how we use manipulatives in class, physical models; video clips on how people use these models.
Make website useful for developers and users
Interactions with peers, what can we do to draw in others? What can we give/receive?

Need mid level-not purely geo, nor cognitive;
Need specific examples...
List of areas where we know we need help.
Then see what general categories emerge, e.g. causal, scale, ...

Basic kinds of visualizations, intro level, vs. classes for the majors...There is a wide range of possibilities, for intro vs. upper division.

Interest in doing research? E.g. your class as testbed, (2) SERC seed grants for groups to form and begin to work. Possibilities for funding for seed grants...can facilitate funding.

Strength in working as a group...

Design of animations-what do we need to show our students, ALSO what do we need to understand what's going on in our students' minds...think of visualizations from a wide range of perspectives

Alignment: technologies such as Shock Wave, Java,..., dialogue with numerous creators

Data visualization application tools, looking for groups with data but no GUI, etc. offer to partner as part of ongoing project (NSDL-Caron)

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