This is a partially developed activity description. It is included in the collection because it contains ideas useful for teaching even though it is incomplete.

Visualizing Polar Change

Participants in the Monday 1:00 session with Walt Meier.
Topic: The loss of summer Arctic ice and loss of Albedo with the resultant loss of precipitation in the SW United States.
Based on this presentation, I have learned about the EET module on Sea Ice and have updated the ESSEA module on Sea Ice with this information. (Bob Myers)
Course Type: intro or upper level


Present a scenario concerning the loss of sea ice and the impact on a global level. e.g., changes in albedo, opening of Northwest passage, changes in precipitation.


To show the global impact of the largest change in the Earths surface (loss of Arctic sea ice).


1. Look at the students' Earth System analyses. Look at pre- and post- concept maps of the concepts involved.
2. Show July images of Arctic sea ice in September and ask students to graph what the Antarctic must look like (one would be in winter, the other, summer).


EET module: Whither Arctic Sea Ice?
National Snow and Ice Data Center website