Background in Historical Geology

Margaret Mayer, Science Department, Dine College

I have taught Physical Geology here at Dine college for 6 years and with the help of Dr. Semken ASU have gotten Historical Geology back on the curriculum and have taught that for 2years and am currently teaching that. I also developed a Climate Change course for Tribal Peoples with 6 other tribes in the US and am currently teaching that. I take students in both classes to Canyon De Chelley to make observations of the strata and interpret the past including time. In Historical Geology I take students to the Grand Canyon for a weekend where we do field research and use the Trail of Time. In teaching GLG 102 last year our class also developed a Navajo understanding of development of the Earth, and worked with traditional students to show possible alignments with western knowledge. In the past I have also taught 9th grade Earth Science as well as field courses including Biogeography.

I am looking always for new and creative ways to engage students in understanding deep time and incorporate this also in my climate change course.

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