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Step-By-Step How To

  1. Lecture on the material as usual. You can also just give an introduction of the background information that students need to know before beginning the Lecture Tutorial.
  2. Optional: Pose several well-designed, multiple-choice questions, such as Conceptest questions, for the students to gauge their understanding of the material. This also helps you see where the students are, and it helps to introduce the Lecture Tutorial.
  3. Have the students split into groups of 2-3 and work on the Lecture Tutorials. Wander around the room and answer their questions. In a large class, direct student groups to ask questions to other groups in the class, so they do not sit there stuck, waiting for you. Lecture Tutorials take 10-15 minutes for most students to complete.
  4. Review some of the main points of the Lecture Tutorial.
  5. Optional: Pose new multiple-choice questions to check if the students have the expected understanding of the information.
  6. Continue with lecture.

Helpful Hints

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