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impact on furthering student careers  

While a HS chem teacher, I engaged my students in SL on behalf of the Sabattus Pond association. In the fall and in the spring, we measured water quality parameters at 5 sites each of which was 15-20 minutes from the school.

One student choose to do her senior project about Phosphate concentrations in a tributary to the pond as her class had measured high P concentrations on that stream. In one day we collected several samples above and below the fertilizer packaging plant. The state water lab measured P for us pro bono so we could have certifed data. Ashley's work won the HS research prize at the Maine Water Conference; she went on to the national Junior Stockholm Water Prize contest and was accepted at the college of her choice. I think the research did have an impact on her subsequent education.
In college, she had no trepidation about doing research. she has graduated and moved on. ( I guess I'll have to find out where.)


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Thanks for sharing an inspiring story.



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Lois, I hope that we can engage (and support) many more HS teachers and students to share in your experience and success. Congratulatiosbto you and you student.


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