Teaching Paleontology in the 21st Century


Paleontological Society Special Publication Volume 12

Margaret M. Yacobucci and Rowan Lockwood, editors

While paleontology may be rooted in the past, our discipline is poised to become a leader in innovative pedagogical practices. Our field lends itself well to active and collaborative learning, field and lab-based student research, even the use of ever-expanding digital databases. This volume showcases what paleontologists can do in college classrooms to promote a deeper understanding of our field and reach a more diverse group of undergraduate students than ever before. With sections on course design, teaching evolution, and active learning approaches, we hope this book provided paleontology instructors with many useful resources, practical ideas, and inspiration to experiment with their own teaching.

The volume may be purchased from: http://www.museumoftheearth.org/publications/pubdetails.php?pubID=5750&back=catID%3D81%26buy%3D2

Appendices for Allmon et al. Using Museums to Teach Undergraduate Paleontology and Evolution:

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