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Teaching Oceanography in prison  

I will be teaching Introductory Oceanography in a prison this Fall. The real challenge is designing the lab portion of the course. We cannot leave the classroom. There will be no access to the internet. I cannot bring in anything that is glass or sharp. There has never been a science course taught at this particular prison so there is no equipment of any kind. There is some money available for small equipment and materials. I will be using things like maps, charts and satellite images. What I'd really appreciate are ideas about other hands-on labs.


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Hi Roni,
One thing that comes to mind is the "melting ice cube" experiment: You only need plastic cups, water, ice cubes, and food dye:
But there are a lot of similar experiments that fit the "kitchen oceanography" category (i.e. that can be done using only household items):
This sounds like a really interesting challenge and I would be happy to chat if you want to brainstorm together!
Best, Mirjam


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