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Please note: This workshop has already taken place.

Workshop Overview

This workshop capitalizes on the growing trend to introduce active learning into predominately lecture classes in the geosciences. Many faculty are interested in such methods, but do not know how or where to begin. This half-day workshop will introduce faculty to a schema for developing their own materials and will provide an opportunity to develop and review such activities, which will be collected for inclusion on the Cutting Edge Web site. Participants will leave the workshop with the pedagogical foundation and in-class learning resources they need to better engage their students.

Workshop Goals

  • Become familiar with Bloom's taxonomy as it relates to teaching and learning
  • Evaluate geosciences classroom activities using Bloom's taxonomy
  • Develop a set of classroom activities you could use in one of your classes
  • Provide constructive feedback to other participants' classroom activities


Sun., 11 April, 8 a.m.-noon


Before workshop:

  • Review selected readings:

During workshop:

  • Participate in all sessions,
  • Complete activity reviews,
  • Develop and evaluate activities

After workshop:

  • Finalize teaching activities developed at workshop and upload final versions


The cost of this workshop is $25. There is an additional cost to register for the GSA meeting or to attend a workshop at the GSA meeting (see the GSA registration website ) for more details.

Application and Selection Criteria

This workshop is open to any participants interested in using active learning techniques. Please register for the workshop using BOTH of the following by 15 March 2010:

  1. The GSA registration form - you will also register for the meeting and pay the associated fees through this site.
  2. The SERC registration form


This workshop is being offered as a pre-meeting activity associated with the North-Central/South-Central joint regional GSA meeting in Branson, MO.

For More Information

See the GSA North Central Meeting website or contact workshop convener David Steer (mailto:steer@uakron.edu, 330-972-2099)