Topic Schedule

Main Educator Workshop

  • Day 1 - Alaskan plate tectonics, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes; seismic and GPS monitoring; preparedness steps
  • Day 2 - Field Trip – Alaskan earthquake and tsunami geology; earthquake knowledge from Alaskan communities and 1964 experiences; EarthScope seismic and GPS installations; resilience planning
  • Day 3 - More geohazard science and activities; more Alaskan and local geohazard knowledge; community collaboration.
  • Day 4 - Community geohazard preparedness and action plans


  • All participants from the main workshop will come back together to share out on accomplishments and brainstorm solutions to encountered challenges.

Conveners & Instructors

EarthScope ANGLE is funded by the National Science Foundation's EarthScope Program. The collaborating institutions on the grant are Alaska Pacific University, University of Alaska Anchorage's Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program, and Central Washington University. Instructors will be drawn from these institutions and partner organizations in science and emergency preparedness. Learn more about the ANGLE leadership team and instructors on the About Us page. The ANGLE program is building on successes from a similar program run in Washington and Oregon, where similar natural hazards are present. See also Cascadia EarthScope Earthquake and Tsunami Education Program. Instructors will include:

  • Jennifer Pickering - ANGLE Director
  • Steve Brown - School Safety Coordinator
  • Bob de Groot - ShakeAlert Communication Coordinator
  • Allen Markle - Emergency Manager
  • Summer Ohlendorf - Tsunami Watchstander
  • Beth Pratt-Sitaula - Geoscience Educational Specialist
  • Erin Schneider - Master Teacher
  • Beth Spangler - ANSEP Partnership Director
  • Eben Stone - Master Teacher
  • Ron Swartz - Emergency Manager
  • Robert Witter - Tsunami geologist