Initial Publication Date: May 24, 2018 | Reviewed: August 4, 2022

Alaska Plate Tectonics & Geohazards Presentation


This lecture and associated animations give a basic introduction to plate tectonics and related earthquakes and volcanoes, using Alaska as the case study site.


This resource is intended for introductory-level geoscience learners from secondary up to adult in a classroom or public lecture. Although specific examples are from Alaska, much of the content is appropriate for plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes in general.

Teaching Notes

  • The slides contain a variety of notes to help users know the intention of the author.
  • All the animations associated with the presentation are available above in a zipped file. The smaller animations are embedded within the PowerPoint but are provided again here in case there are any issues. The largest animation (Alaska: The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964) should be played outside of the PowerPoint as it is a bit too large to reliably embed.
  • Most likely in a classroom setting an instructor might break this presentation into several sections that go along with different class activities. In the upper right corner of some slides you may see some text that refers to different learner activities that are part of the ANGLE project collection. This should give the user some idea of the slides we generally associate with different activities. 

Reference Information

Author/Developer: Robert Butler (ANGLE Project)