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Select-A-City for Demographic and Economic Opportunities, Using an Online Database part of Examples
This activity asks students to review the demographic and lifestyle statistics available at, and determine which city or location would provide the best consumer market opportunity for the given problem.

Using PRIZM Look-up to Identify Consumer Markets part of Examples
This activity demonstrates geo-demographic consumer segment lifestyle consumption patterns. The information available on the site is relevant to segmentation and targeting strategies used by marketers.

Hemispheric Lateralization: Are You Left- or Right-Brained? part of Examples
An online brain dominance inventory provides students with information on their brain dominance and information processing style. This relates to perception and learning styles.

Where Would Shoppers Go? part of Examples
Two formulas and a scenario for students to apply two retail gravitation models used to predict where shoppers will choose to shop.

Determining the Break-Even Point of Profit for a Campus Service part of Examples
Students are asked to determine the break even profit point for a service to be offered on campus, using an online break even calculator.

Binomial Probability Context Rich Problem part of Examples
Context rich problem in which students apply the binomial distribution to determine if an outcome is likely random.

Elasticity and Total Revenue: Context Rich Problem part of Examples
Context rich problem allowing students to apply elasticy of demand concepts.

Tariff Context Rich Problem part of Examples
This context rich problems allows students to apply concepts such as efficiency and surplus in the context of lowering tariffs.

Movement along vs. shift of demand curve: Water chlorination (Context Rich Problem) part of Examples
This context-rich problem asks students to distinguish between a movement along a demand curve and a shift of a demand curve for a price-inelastic product: water chlorination in Kenya.

Sandwiches and Elasticity Context-Rich Problem part of Examples
Students are asked to apply what they learned in class to a real life scenario question.

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