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Science, Society, and Sustainability part of Integrate:Workshops:Systems, Society, Sustainability and the Geosciences:Courses
The participation-intensive course is an elective for teachers pursuing an MA in Science Education and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students drawn from geology and other disciplines. Teaching strategies include lecture/discussion, videos, reading and writing assignments, student presentations and in-class activities. Topics include an introduction to sustainability and Earth systems thinking, consideration of how natural resources and services support human well-being, and exploration of how science informs and is informed by its societal context.

San Jose State University: Earth Systems and the Environment part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Courses
Earth Systems & Environment is a dual purpose course serving both pre-service teachers and the general student population. It is a broad, activities-based earth science content course similar to a traditional Geology 101 class meeting for three hours per week. Constructivist pedagogical skills and active learning are modeled but actual teaching of pedagogy is approached passively due to the multiple student populations present in the class. Pre-service teachers do address pedagogical issues specifically in developing an earth science lesson in place of the natural hazards term paper assigned to general education students. All students focus on the earth as a system and the interconnections between the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and cosmosphere. For Dr. Metzger's reflections on the course and its design, see Earth Systems and Environment: Role in the Program.

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Crossing Disciplinary Borders for Sustainability Education part of Integrate:Workshops:Systems, Society, Sustainability and the Geosciences:Essays
Ellen Metzger, Geology and Science Education, San Jose State UniversityMy relatively recent interest in teaching about sustainability was catalyzed by an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with an old friend when ...

Ellen Metzger part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Essays
Essays on Teacher Preparation by Workshop Participants San Jose State University San Jose, California Earth System Science Teacher Education at San Jose State University San Jose State University's Geology ...

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