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First Day of Class Activity Examples


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Engaging Question part of Activities
Karl Wirth, Macalester College Course: Dynamic Earth and Global Change 20 students This activity serves a number of functions, including an introduction to the course, a learning prompt that can be revisited ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Knowledge Survey, Classroom Climate:Icebreaker, Engage with Content:Introduce Course Topic, Practice Science Skill, Motivate Students:Relevance, Problem-Solving
Earth System Topics: Climate, Atmosphere

Learning Styles: VARK part of Activities
David Mogk, Montana State University Course: Environmental Geology 60 students Learning styles vary greatly from individual to individual. There are several instruments available for measuring learning styles. The ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Learning Styles

Preconceptions: Private Universe part of Activities
Don Minkel, Adirondack Community College Course: Introduction to Astronomy 22 students This activity is designed to inform students about how misconceptions can interfere with the learning process, and to alert ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Knowledge Survey

Prior Knowledge, Landscape Photos part of Activities
Daniel Brownstein, Hastings High School Course: Advanced Geology 26 students Surveying students to assess their prior knowledge serves two purposes: it helps students review information they have (theoretically) ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Knowledge Survey

Icebreaker: Coat of Arms part of Activities
Martin Balinsky, Florida A&M University Course: Earth and Space Science for pre-service and inservice teachers 26 students An icebreaker is an activity that helps students (and instructor) to get to know each ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Student Interests, Classroom Climate:Icebreaker
Earth System Topics: Solar System and Astronomy, Solid Earth

Attitude Toward Science, Scientists part of Activities
Prajukti Bhattacharyya, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Course: Introduction to Earth Science 25-32 students Students' negative attitudes toward science can be a surprisingly powerful barrier to learning. ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Attitude Survey, Classroom Climate
Earth System Topics: Solid Earth

What Students Want to Learn part of Activities
John Wagner, Clemson University Course: Earth Resources 60 students Surveying your students about what they want to learn in a course can tell you a lot about them and their interests, and how to connect your ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Student Interests
Earth System Topics: Human Dimensions, :Resources

Igneous Rock Classification part of Activities
John Brady, Smith College Course: Petrology 10 students The most effective way to develop geoscience skills in your students is to make opportunities for them to practice those skills. Although prior knowledge may ...

First Day Focus: Engage with Content:Introduce Course Topic

Is It a Dinosaur? part of Activities
Jonathan Geisler, Georgia Southern University Course: Dinosaurs, Extinctions, and Disasters 65 students Students are more likely to remember a definition when they have struggled to figure it out, first. The ...

First Day Focus: Engage with Content:Introduce Course Topic
Earth System Topics: Time/Earth History

Geology & Daily Life part of Activities
Tracy Gregg, University at Buffalo Course: Evolution of Earth and the Solar System 80 students Connecting course topics to students' lives is a very effective strategy to motivate their learning. The Activity ...

First Day Focus: Motivate Students:Relevance
Earth System Topics: Solid Earth

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