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Inclusivity Survey

This material was originally created for On the Cutting Edge: Professional Development for Geoscience Faculty
and is replicated here as part of the SERC Pedagogic Service.

Megan Jones, North Hennepin Community College
Course: Physical Geology
15-25 students

I want to establish class norms that will foster an inclusive environment. I need to know what each particular group of students believes and thinks about what an inclusive classroom is like. I use an anonymous survey for this. When I get the surveys back I go through them and list what is true for the students. Then I present it to the class and tell them that this is how the class / classroom will function and they have determined 90% of it. If they have a suggestion that I am not implementing, I explain why not.

The Activity

One thing I do the first week of class is to hand out this short survey about inclusivity.

Welcome to Physical Geology

Before we dive into the course material and activities I would really appreciate getting some feedback from you. Please complete this survey below, anonymously. No names, just your truth!

Part I: Inclusivity (if you need more room you will find space on the back of the paper)
(1) How do you recognize that or if you are in an inclusive classroom?
(2) How do you feel when you are in an inclusive classroom and how is that different from that of a classroom that may not be inclusive?
(3) What does an inclusive classroom look like and operate for you?
(4) What would you NOT expect to see in an inclusive classroom environment?