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The Carbon Ballpark Series, Christoph Geiss, Tim Kroeger, Colleen Livingston

Darcys Law (Acrobat (PDF) 246kB Jan20 04) for Multiple Levels in Math and Geoscience Courses, Steve Leonhardi, Cathy Summa

Developing Regional Curves (Acrobat (PDF) 115kB Jan20 04) of Stream Hydraulic Geometry and Radiometric Dating (Acrobat (PDF) 508kB Jan20 04), Jim Schacki, Scott Eaton, Richard Ford, Peter Kohn, Christopher Gellasch
Excel Spreadsheet: HYDRO.xls (Excel 48kB Jan20 04)

Isostatic Uplift (Acrobat (PDF) 1.1MB Jan20 04),and Calculating Cross Sectional Area (Acrobat (PDF) 1.1MB Jan20 04) Albert Hsui, Ping Wang, Will Frangos
Excel Spreadsheet:Plane.xls (Excel 17kB Jan20 04)

Floods on the Minnesota River (Acrobat (PDF) 149kB Jan20 04) - Planning for St. Peter Carolyn Dobler, James Welsh

Introduction to Population Growth (Acrobat (PDF) 160kB Jan20 04), Carol Ormand, Linda Eroh, Maureen Muldoon, Jennifer Wenner

Template for Using Functions (Acrobat (PDF) 144kB Jan20 04) in an Intro Geology Class and Example of Exponential Increase (Acrobat (PDF) 152kB Jan20 04) in Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations, Carol Ormand, Linda Eroh, Maureen Muldoon, Jennifer Wenner

Application of the Three Point Problem, Bruce Herbert, Vince Schielack, Michael Jordan, Marvin Bennett, Margie Mason

Exploring Vertical and Horizontal Gradients for Air, Sea, Land and Ice: Similar Structures and Processes, Bill Capehart, Patty Crews, Nadina Duran-Hutchings, Jay Hutchings, Denyse Lemaire, Hieu Nguyen, Alan Shapiro

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