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Geodynamics in Petrology Working Group

What do we want to accomplish?

Geodynamics and petrology are inexorably linked. We must emphasize the physical and chemical ties between these disciplines by incorporating geophysical, geochronologic, and isotopic methods in petrology.

In many departments, plate tectonics, isotope geochemistry, and geochronology are covered primarily in upper-division electives; many students do not take these electives. Petrology is a logical class to introduce these subjects and to illustrate the linkages between petrologic and geodynamic processes.

Whereas plate tectonics, isotope geology and geochronology are often not taught in required courses, and whereas these concepts are central to understanding earth and petrologic processes, we resolve that plate tectonics be a unifying theme in petrology classes and that these topics be taught in an integrated manner in our petrology courses.

Working Group Members:

*Working Group Leader

Remember no rocks no ice cream
Inspired by an article by H. Wesley Peirce, June 1981, "Things Geologic: No Rocks, No Ice Cream" In Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology publication, Volume 11 (2) 6-7
geodynamics dripping of petrology cone
Geodynamics Petrology Mobius Strip