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Al's bandwagon


Suki Smaglik, Pat Hauslein

Sophomore level Earth Systems Science seminar course.

Topic: Evidence for Global Warming

Problem: In the eight-person seminar class is an inquisitive, nontraditional, student who is a motivated popular science reader. This student challenges the conclusions made by the vocal majority of scientists that global warming is caused by human activity.

While he doesn't reject the evidence, he rejects the interpretation and suggests that "main-stream" scientists have jumped on "Al's bandwagon" and are putting all their eggs in one basket. He strongly questions the creditability of the scientists who signed the U.N. Paris Statement on Global Warming.

How can the instructor help the whole class explore the credibility of his sources?


Karin Kirk, Dex Perkins, David McConnell, Alecia Mueller

We created a menu of strategies; the first two are more detailed (and would require more time in class), while the others could be used as quicker responses to the dilemma.

Al's bandwagon  

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