Assessment Workshop Program

Monday, May 5th

5:00 PM Dinner at Carleton, Sevy Meeting Room

7:00 Welcome, Introductions, and Dessert, Sayles-Hill Lounge

Keynote Talk and Discussion by David McConnell, Assessment for Learning In Geosciences Classes (PowerPoint 214kB May5 08)

Tuesday May 6th

Breakfast at the hotel

Sayles-Hill Lounge
8:30-10:00, Workshop Goals and Developing a Plan for Creating the Assessments

Overarching Goals (Microsoft Word 41kB May6 08)
Morning notes/group assignments (Microsoft Word 41kB May6 08) 10:00-11:30, Work Time

11:30-12:30, Report and Feedback on Assessment Design

Trial Group (Microsoft Word 54kB May6 08)
Water Group (Microsoft Word 42kB May6 08)
12:30-2:00, Lunch at Chapati's

2:00-4:00, Work Time 4:00 1st drafts complete and uploaded

Water Group (Microsoft Word 48kB May6 08) Trial Group ( 70kB May6 08) 4:00-5:00, Round Robin Draft Reviews and Sharing of Feedback, Plan for Tomorrow

5:00-5:30, Whole Group Discussion of Challenges and Next Steps

6:30 Dinner at Rueb and Stein

Wednesday May 7th

Breakfast at the hotel

Sayles-Hill Lounge
8:30-10:00, Assessments Finalized and Posted

Overarching Assessments for Modules 9-12 (Microsoft Word 41kB May7 08)

10:00-11:30, Whole Group Discussion to Finalize Plan for Data Collection and Analysis

11:30-12:00, Develop Final Action Plans and Time Lines Turned In

Action Plan (Microsoft Word 26kB May7 08)
Box Lunches