Workshop Supporting Materials

We are very excited about having you here in Northfield May 5-7 to work on assessments for teaching with the Woburn Toxic Trial materials. This page provides some additional information about the modules and assessments. It would be very helpful if you could look at these before you come. To this end, please check out:

Assessment and Active Learning Strategies for Introductory Geology Courses (Acrobat (PDF) PRIVATE FILE 390kB Mar8 05), David McConnell, David Steer, Kathie Owens, 2003, Journal of Geoscience Education, v. 51, n. 2, March, 2003, p. 205-216, is a good, concise, introduction to assessment techniques.

Framework for Developing Civil Action Assessment Instruments (Microsoft Word 35kB May1 08)

Zipped downloadable version of site pages (Zip Archive 61.4MB May1 08) includes most of the website for desktop viewing. Instructions for use:

  1. Select the link to download the compressed file to your desktop
  2. Uncompress the file to your desktop using your favorite unzip software.
  3. To view the local version of the website, go to the woburn/woburn directory (which was unzipped) and select the index.html file.

Note that video files and many of the transcripts are not included in order to reduce the size of the compressed file.

Instructions for Scavenger Hunt of Website (Microsoft Word 28kB May1 08)

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