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Learning Module: Trial Preparation

Student Assignment

The following activities will help with preparation for the trial.

  1. Create a two column list that shows the strengths of your party's arguments on the left column and the weaknesses on the right. Assess the effort necessary to accentuate the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses.
  2. Begin preparing courtroom exhibits. Do exhibits tell a story without any verbal explanation? How do colors effect the interpretation of the exhibits? Think of the implication of a contaminant plume showing the highest concentration being blue versus red.
  3. What is the physical setting of the courtroom?
  4. Are courtroom exhibits large enough and sufficiently positioned to be viewed by the court and jury?
  5. Have the court documents (affidavits, depositions, interrogatories, etc.) been extensively reviewed by those playing the role of attorney, so they can recognize inconsistencies of witness responses during courtroom questioning?
  6. What time constraints will influence the length of the trial?
  7. What constraints will be imposed by the number of participants?
  8. Who will serve as judge, and who will moderate to maintain the flow of the mock trial?

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