Learning Module: Expert Witness Testimony

Student Assignment

1. How does the Court define an expert? What aspect of an experts testimony is different from other witnesses who testify?

2. During the Woburn trial and preperation there were dozens of experts qualified. Explain how the complexity of the plaintiffs arguments required so many experts be used for both the plaintiffs and the defense.

3. After completing Module 3, list 5 different professions that may be qualified to testify regarding the subsurface conditions at the Wells G & H site.

4. Understanding the background of the jury pool is critical to the success of an expert's testimony. Matson (1983) lists several ways that experts can present their testimony. What are some of the precautions cited by Matson? What are some ways to make the testimony effective?

5. Prepare a list of experts that can be used in the student mock trial. What items should the experts use as part of their depositions and testimony?

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