NSDL Using Data in the Classroom Workshop

April, 2002 Carleton College

This twenty-eight person workshop brought together faculty from science and engineering disciplines and NSDL project PIs to better define why, how, and to what effect faculty use data in the classroom. The workshop goals were to advance the effective use of data in the classroom, to support inquiry and discovery based learning, and to inform the design of on-line data delivery tools.

Data enhanced learning experiences, including activities in which students collect and interpret their own data and those in which they explore research databases to answer questions, are an important tool for student learning. In particular, data-enhanced learning experiences can

Currently, there are excellent examples of how students can be engaged in using data to answer questions from all of the scientific disciplines and engineering. Future work should focus in three areas: disseminating examples of effective practice, evaluating the impact of date-enhanced learning, and developing data access infrastructure and services. Data access infrastructure and services should support students in

The workshop participants recommend that NSDL promote the interactions and partnerships needed to develop this type of data access and supporting services.