2003 DAWG Agenda

First Meeting, Draft Agenda

The first meeting of the new DAWG will be held in Boulder, Colorado on Monday, November 17 and Tuesday, November 18 in Boulder, Colorado. The meeting will begin on Monday at 8:30 AM and adjourn on Tuesday at 12:15 PM. The meeting location as well as lodging accommodations will be at the Best Western Golden Buff Lodge, 1725 28th Street, Boulder, CO. For additional information about the Golden Buff, please refer Trip Advisor. For additional information about meeting logistics, please contact Hildy Kane, hkane@ucar.edu. For questions about the agenda, or other issues, please contact Ben Domenico, ben@ucar.edu.

Day 1, Monday, November 17, 2003

Welcome by Jack Fellows, DLESE Executive Director

Logistics - description of and use of Swiki to record meeting discussions and recommendations, by Peter Burkholder and Tamara Ledley.

Very brief introductions with instructions to participants that they should be prepared on the second day to discuss how they see their role in the DAWG on the second day (2 minutes per person)

Summary of first DAWG meeting recommendations (along with brief history for background) and email list interactions since then. Summary of relevant sections of DLESE Developers Workshop White Paper (Acrobat (PDF) 993kB Feb2 07). Tamara Ledley. Documents:



Presentations of significant work in data access for DLESE (15 minutes each)

  • Data Access Services: Tamara Ledley
    • Describe planned services
    • Present draft workshop agenda
    • Welcome suggestions for participants
  • Using Data in the Classroom Workshops: Cathy Manduca or Sean Fox
  • EET: LuAnn Dahlman
  • THREDDS: Ben Domenico
  • VGEE: Rajul Pandya
  • Users Perspective: Bill Prothero
  • UNAVCO/GEON/EarthScope: Chuck Meertens



Presentation of a strawman for how the DAWG should evolve from here-emphasizing again that the participants should be ready to offer their ideas for improving the strawman in their second day presentations. Ben Domenico

Develop new set of recommendations for how DLESE should deal with and facilitate access to data. This could involve restating previous recommendations, revising previous recommendations, and developing new recommendations. Moderated by Ben Domenico


Further discussion on development of recommendations (possibly divide into 2 or 3 breakout groups around particular issues identified before the break).

Potential Issues for discussion:

  • Questions of quality with respect to data in DLESE · Questions of including "raw" data in DLESE (i.e. not in connection with educational material but might be incorporated into educational material if available through DLESE). There have been ideas expressed in support for an "unvetted" collection of data in DLESE. What are the pros and cons of this idea? What would it take to initiate it?
  • Evaluation
  • Possible strategic partners for DLESE Data Services


Plenary discussion of breakouts

Day 2, Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Welcome by Mary Marlino, Director, DLESE Program Center

Presentations by participants: Description of members' role - Moderated by Ben Domenico


Develop as far as possible the new set of recommendations and develop action plan for finalizing by email in the next month. Moderated by Ben Domenico


  • Settle on revisions to the DAWG strawman resulting in a plan for the future of the DAWG (including how to rotate members and how to establish the chair)
  • Agree on next meeting of DAWG (plan is for it to meet at the end of the DLESE Data Services Workshop now scheduled for May 24-27, 2004 putting the DAWG meeting on May 28, 2004)