Initial Publication Date: June 5, 2006

Catalytic Speakers

These speakers will give short talks designed to engage the workshop and encourage us all to think about new ways of developing and using learning resources. Each speaker will make a short presentation as part of a panel designed to catalyze the small group discussions (breakouts) that will follow.

Tanya Atwater, University of California, Santa Barbara

Tanya's homepage

Educational multimedia visualization center

Thomas Banchoff, Brown University

Download Presentation (PowerPoint 2.1MB Jun3 06)

Workshop on internet-based calculus

On-Line Mathematics


Dan Clancy, Book Search Engineering Director, Google Inc.

Download Presentation (PowerPoint 3.9MB Jun3 06)

Diane Ebert-May, Michigan State University

Download Presentation (PowerPoint 9.8MB Jun3 06)

Diane's homepage

FIRST II, long-term professional development for life science faculty in teaching and learning

CTOOLS, on-line concept mapping

Marcia Kuszmaul, Education Software, Microsoft Corporation

Download Presentation (PowerPoint 6.4MB Jun3 06)

Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Student

Encarta Education

Microsoft Education

Cathie Norris, University of North Texas

Download Presentation (PowerPoint 2.4MB Jun3 06)

Kurt Squire, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Download Presentation (PowerPoint 8MB Jun3 06)


Elliot Soloway, University of Michigan

Download Presentation (PowerPoint 3MB Jun3 06)

Highly interactive classrooms

Angelica Stacy, University of California, Berkeley

Download Presentation (PowerPoint 19.3MB Jun3 06)

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