Workshop Findings

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May 31, 2006:

Initial Workshop Summary Download (Acrobat (PDF) 154kB May31 06)
This is a six-page document prepared by workshop organizer Bierman based on breakout group summaries and entire group discussions.

May 26, 2006:

Friday Discipline Group Dissemination Action Plans Download (Acrobat (PDF) 372kB Jun9 06)
Specific action plans for "getting the word out" by discipline.
Friday Dissemination Points Summaries [pending]
Compilation of ideas in response to the following assignment posed to disciplinary discussion groups.
1) After returning from this workshop, you agreed to give a 15 minute summary talk at your disciplinary meeting. You are making your summary slide for that talk. What bullet points would you include about the textbook of the future?

May 25, 2006:

Thursday Afternoon Convener Summary Download (Acrobat (PDF) 47kB Jun9 06)

Thursday Afternoon Group Summaries Download (Acrobat (PDF) 587kB Jun9 06)
One-page summaries by discussion group.

Thursday Afternoon Discussion Notes Download (Acrobat (PDF) 224kB Jun9 06)
Compilation of answers to the following questions by discussion group:
  1. In the future, what suite of learning resources will you need to teach well and what is the role of the textbook in this suite?
  2. What will this future textbook look like or what will replace the textbook?
  3. How will these new textbooks be created?
  4. What is a researchable question?

Thursday Morning Convener Summary Download (Acrobat (PDF) 19kB Jun8 06)

Thursday Morning Group Summaries Download (Acrobat (PDF) 306kB Jun3 06)
One-page summaries by discussion group.
Thursday Morning Discussion Notes Download (Acrobat (PDF) 401kB Jun3 06)
Compilation of answers to the following questions by discussion group:
  1. What teaching materials/learning resources are you currently using with your student?
  2. What do you know about your students' use of these resources and materials?
  3. What is the current interplay between modern pedagogy and existing learning resources/teaching materials?
  4. What roles do textbooks play in student learning?
  5. How are publishers and educators using what we know about student learning to design effective resources/teaching materials?
Thursday Morning Convener's Introduction Download (Acrobat (PDF) 1.2MB Jun8 06)

May 24, 2006:

Wednesday Dinner Discussion Notes Download (Acrobat (PDF) 249kB Jun3 06)
Compilation of dinner table answers to the following questions:
  1. What do you know about how your students learn?
  2. Has your teaching changed in response to changing technology? If so, how?
  3. Have the goals you set for yourself as a teacher and your students as learners changed in response to technological advances? If so, how?
Wednesday Program Introduction Download (Acrobat (PDF) 8.9MB Jun8 06)