Publicity and Dissemination

Publicity to date

January 15, 2007: "A future without textbooks? Well, sort of.", Johnson, T., Burlington Free Press.
July 15, 2006: "Textbook Issues on Campus." Interview with Paul Bierman, Univ. of Vermont, and Jennifer Libertowski, Nat. Assoc. of College Stores, on "College Connection" radio link for Oklahoma Higher Education. Aired on July 15, 2006, #323, with additional topics. Listen to the audio file
June 8, 2006: "Teachers envisage the science textbooks of the future: Toss out the old backbreaker - it's time for video games.", Ruttimann, J.,, Download (Acrobat (PDF) 183kB Dec5 06)
June 7, 2006: "The Textbook is Dead. Long Live the Textbook.", University of Vermont, Read the article
May 31, 2006: "ZD net education summary", Read the article and comments
May 31, 2006: Initial workshop summary, Download (Acrobat (PDF) 154kB May31 06)
May 30, 2006: "The Future of a Dinosaur", Inside Higher Ed, Read the article and comments
May 24, 2006: NSF events calendar, Read
May 21, 2006: Pre-workshop information for the press, Download (Acrobat (PDF) 115kB May30 06)

Dissemination Goals: print and web media

By Discipline

Earth Science: EOS (Bierman), GSA TODAY (Hall), NAGT news (Manduca), GeoEd Email List (Manduca), CSTA - CA highschool (Atwater), Geotimes (Bierman)

Physics: The Physics Teacher, APS (American Physical Society) FEd (Forum on Education) Newsletter, Astronomy Education Review, AAS (American Astronomical Society) Newsletter (Shipman, MacLow, McCray), AAPT Announcer or American Journal of Physics editorial (Zollman, Finkelstein, Redish, Sanjay)

Engineering/Math: PRISM (Rogers), Journal of Engineering Education, Optics and Photonics News, Communications of the ACM (Spector), SIGCSE, Mathematical Association of America FOCUS, American, Mathematical Society NOTICES, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Newsletter

Biosciences:Newsletter of the Ecological Society of America, ASM American Physiology Association, America Society of Cell Biology, National Postdoctoral Association Newsletter, Society for Neuroscience

Education: EDUCAUSE Review, THE Journal, Journal of Economic Literature


AIBS, AAAS (Science) - Monthly Education article or Policy Forum (Bierman), Sigma Xi/American Scientist/email list Council on Undergraduate Research, Washington Center, Chronicle of Higher Education (Bierman), Journal of Chemical Education, American Association of Community Colleges, 2YC3 - Two year college chemisty consortium, New York Times Science page (Bierman), NSTA, Journal of College Science Teaching, SCOPE - NSTA k-8 newsletter, Science news (Atwater/Bierman), Association of American Publishers (textbook divisions), League for Innovation, NSTA SCILINKS website

Dissemination Goals: conference sessions

By Discipline

Earth Science: AGU 2007 - session - Innovative uses and forms of textbook, San Fransisco GSA 2007 - session - Innovative uses and forms of textbook, Denver

Physics: APS, AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers), AAS, ASP (Astronomical Society of the Pacific), AAS/AAPT meeting Seattle January 2007 (only a poster is possible: Shipman/Finkelstein/McCray), AAS Summer 2007 meeting in Hawaii

Engineering/Math:ASME, ASEE, FIE, IEEE, ICHE, ACM, MAA, AMS, Frontiers of Education Meeting, Milwaukee WI, October 10 - 13, 2007 (Chris Rogers and Russ Pimmell)


Education:EDUCAUSE, Innovate, AERA, Games and Learning Society, NARST - National Association for Research and Science Teaching, National Meeting of the American Economics Association, National Science Teachers Assoc.


AAAS National Meeting - proposal due April, 2007 (Michele Hall, Paul Bierman, Cathy Manduca)