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Master's of Earth Science Education

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Program Type:
Master's of Arts and Sciences

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Sandra Rutherford, Geoscience Education, Eastern Michigan University

Program Summary

The Master of Science in Earth Science Education is designed to expand and enhance the expertise and skill-base of pre- and in-service secondary-level earth science teachers through a carefully structured and integrated set of instructional experiences. The program includes both classroom and field-based (i.e., "outdoor") elements, and builds on the strong, successful, and long-standing undergraduate program in earth science education at EMU.
To meet this goal, the program has the following objectives:
  1. Develop a deeper theoretical understanding of critical earth science concepts.
  2. Develop advanced methods in earth science teaching and assessment, including those involving the latest educational technologies.
  3. Develop the ability to connect earth science concepts to the real world.
  4. Develop the skills needed to remain current in the field. This objective is addressed by directly engaging students in research activity.

What was the impetus for the program?

Eastern Michigan University teaches a large number of teachers. We have enough earth science secondary pre-service teachers to be able to teach science methods only for earth science teaching majors or minors. Hence we felt that there was enough a population to warrant a Master's program strictly for in-service teachers.

How is the program structured?

Students complete a series of core classes on pedagogy (New Approaches to Teaching Earth Science, Quantitative Methods in Geography and Geology, Field Investigations in Earth Science, Professional Paper) in addition to 15 credit hours of elective classes (out of 30 hours of offered courses). All of the core classes and enough of the elective courses are offered online such that it is possible to complete the entire program online.

Who is involved?

We are a very small department of these faculty about 6 faculty are or are willing to put classes online. The entire faculty has a Ph.D. in an area of Earth Science and is full time at our university.

How is the program evaluated?

We are evaluated by NCATE.

How is the program maintained and funded?

Eastern Michigan University College of Continuing Education maintains and funds our program.