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Photo of Dr. Scott Linneman Department of Geology Department of Science Education SMATE program Western Washington University
Scott Linneman, Ph.D. Photo courtesy of Dr. Linneman
(Page prepared for SERC by Jennifer L. B. Anderson, Ph.D.)

Western Washington University Masters Degree in Geoscience Education

Program Type:
Masters Program

Program Size:
1 Masters Student

Scott Linneman, Ph.D.
Geology Advisor
Department of Geology and SMATE Program at Western Washington University

Program Summary

This is an example of a masters student in a geoscience department who did her research on a geoscience education topic.

What was the impetus for the program?

Dr. Linneman always had strong interests and ties to geoscience education and wanted to have a graduate student whose research focus would be geoscience education, rather than a strictly science-oriented degree. A prospective student interested in working on science education topics contacted him and became one of his masters students within the geology department at Western Washington University.

How is the program structured?

This masters student was advised by Dr. Linneman in the same manner as his other graduate students. However, in addition to taking the normal graduate level courses in geology, this masters student was performing research on a geoscience education subject. Therefore, she also needed to take education courses and social science statistics courses. One of her four committee members was from the College of Education.

How is the program maintained and funded?

The funding is the same as for any other masters student in a geoscience department.

Hints for starting a program like this:

Scott Linneman, Ph.D. (personal communication)