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Page prepared for SERC by Heather Rissler in consultation with Susan Eriksson, UNAVCO.

UNAVCO Professional Development Workshops

Program URL: https://www.unavco.org/education/advancing-geodetic-skills/workshops/workshops.html
Program Type:

Dr. Susan Eriksson

Education and Outreach Director.

Program Summary

UNAVCO develops and implements a number of workshops related to geophysics and modern techniques of GPS and plate tectonic movement. The workshops examine how GPS is used to obtain data about the direction and rate of the Earth's crustal movements. The workshops assist teachers to bring modern research in crustal deformation to their classroom and implement using data in their curriculum.

How is the program structured?

UNAVCO workshops commonly integrate with established networks of teachers. For example, a 2-day Technology and Tectonics workshop was held in collaboration with IRIS for educators in Yuma, AZ. Workshops have also been held in collaboration with Teachers on the Leading Edge in Oregon. Other workshops are offered at regional and national meetings. A complete listing of workshops is available.

Who is involved?

UNAVCO staff, consortium member scientists, science educators, and teachers develop and lead workshops for K-12 teachers in various locations throughout the US.

How is the program evaluated?

The program is externally evaluated to examine what teachers learn in the workshops, whether or not they are implementing what they learned in the classroom, and working with teachers to collect data from students on student learning.

Hints for starting a program like this:

Susan Erikson (personal communication)

References and Notes:

Presentations and posters on UNAVCO's education program can be found online.