Essays on Teacher Preparation by Workshop Participants

Dan Barstow

TERC Center for Earth and Space Science Education
Cambridge, Massachusetts

TERC's Center for Earth and Space Science Education (CESSE) creates innnovative materials for Earth and space science education, featuring science as inquiry, Earth as a dynamic system, and interactive visualizations. Several of these projects involve partnerships with other institutions and all have some form of embedded professional development.
Examples include:

  • Exploring Earth -- web-based investigations and visualizations in collaboration with McDougal Littell's widely used high school Earth science program
  • ISS EarthKAM - students control a digital camera on the International Space Station
  • GLOBE - students worldwide conduct environmental measurements for use by scientists
  • Mars Quest Online - students investigate Mars with images from NASA Mars missions.

CESSE also conducts professional development in Earth science in two innovative programs:

Earth Science by Design - inquiry-based professional development in the "big ideas" of Earth science, based on the principles of "Understanding by Design" (contact

Earth Science from a new Perspective - on-line professional development program engaging teachers in Earth science investigations, focusing on the Nile River as a deep example (contact

For more information about CESSE, contact:
Daniel Barstow
Director, CESSE
2067 Mass. Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

CESSE also produced the report of the National Conference on the Revolution in Earth and Space Science Education (along with Dr. Ed Geary, PI). This report sets the larger stage for the "revolution" in Earth and space science education in which scientists, educators, policy-makers and professional organizations are at work.