Earth System Science: Role in the Program


A discussion of the design and implementation of an earth system science course serving pre-service teachers at the University of the Pacific, created by Lydia K. Fox.

A description of this course and its goals is available.

What Role Does this Course Play in Teacher Preparation?

This course is the required earth science course for students in the School of Education in the Diversified and Multi-subject programs. They are also required to take Physics and Biology.

How does the Course Address Each Role?

This course covers content and not pedagogy. I do give suggestions for students on how to incorporate the material into their K-8 classes, but that is not the focus of the course.

How do Students Integrate Learning & Teaching?

The Ed students take a separate Science pedagogy course as they work toward their credential.

How does the Course Transition Pre-service Teachers into the Classroom?

It provides needed content.