Think-Pair-Share Examples

Initial Publication Date: January 11, 2007

Some specific examples

  • Geologic Puzzles: Morrison Formation: A 5-20 minute think-pair-share activity giving students opportunities to practice interpreting the geologic history.
  • Ocean Stratigraphy Challenge: A 15-20 minute think-pair-share activity interpreting a deep-sea sediment core combining concepts from oceanography, sedimentology, and plate tectonics.
  • Order It Up!: A think-pair-share activity which involves putting solar system bodies in order based on various statistics: escape velocity, distance from the sun, mass, etc.
  • Quicksand: A think-pair-share activity in which students answer questions about quicksand.
  • Weathering Rates A think-pair-share activity in which students calculate weathering rates from tombstone weathering data.

Examples by type:

  • These interactive activities include think-pair-share examples (including those given above).
  • These ConcepTest questions could be used for think-pair-share activities.
  • Some examples of images that could be used as a basis for think-pair-share activities.