Coe College

Team Members:

1. Briefly list the most significant issues in science education facing you and your institution
getting students engaged with science; moving students in courses beyond rote learning. This may mean making more of an effort to emphasize that science isn't a neatly packaged endeavor (i.e. research and research-like experiences), as well as helping students make connection between science and societal issues.
- dealing with students who are inadequately prepared for coursework (particularly with respect to mathematics)
- better coordination/cooperation between disciplines. Should we be jointly be developing a "science" curriculum as well as our disciplinary curriculum?
- generating financial support for student research opportunities

2. Which of these problems do you think would lend themselves to collaborative efforts at solution?
All of the areas mentioned in question 1 would be useful topics for discussion – find out "what works". In particular, the first two (and perhaps the third) would be potential topics for collaboration.

3. Are there any other issues that you seek collaboration among your ACM colleagues?
- guest speakers and visitors
- colleagues for discussion in research/teaching areas; possibly collaborators