Participant List

Workshop Participants

Group 1

Pam Arroway, North Carolina State University - Investigating the Modernity of the University Library Cooperative Learning
Carl Lee, Central Michigan University - How well can hand size predict height Cooperative Learning
William Peterson, Middlebury College - Statistics and Error Rates in Death Penalty Cases Cooperative Learning
Brian Smith, McGill University - Nature of the chi-square distribution Campus-Based Learning and Cooperative Learning

Group 2

Erin Blankenship, University of Nebraska - Simulating Size and Power Using a 10-Sided Die Data Simulation
David Lane, Rice University - Simulating the Effect of Sample Size on the Sampling Distribution of the Mean Data Simulation
Robin Lock, St. Lawrence University - Simulating a P-value for Testing a Correlation with Fathom Data Simulation

Group 3

Carolyn Cuff, Westminster College - Count the F's: Why a Sample instead of a Census Interactive Lectures
Gary Kader, Appalachian State University - The Evolution of Pearson's Correlation Coefficient/Exploring Relationships between Two Quantitative Variables Interactive Lectures
Webster West, Texas AM University - Psychic test Interactive Lectures

Group 4

Christopher Malone, Winona State University - Using Your Hair to Understand Descriptive Statistics Making & Testing Conjectures
Edith Seier, East Tennessee State University - A ducks story - introducing the idea of testing statistical hypotheses Making & Testing Conjectures
Jessica Utts, University of California Davis - An In-Class Experiment to Estimate Binomial Probabilities Making & Testing Conjectures
Dex Whittinghill, Rowan University - Independent Samples t-Test: Chips Ahoy vs. Supermarket Brand Making & Testing Conjectures

Workshop Conveners

Cathryn Manduca, Director, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

Dennis Pearl, Director of CAUSE, The Ohio State University

Joan Garfield, CAUSE Associate Director for Research, University of Minnesota

Roger Woodward, CAUSE Resource Collection Editor, North Carolina State University

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