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Energy Cost of Engine Idling

Ben Fusaro
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This is an open-ended but elementary modeling exercise about energy behaviors and impacts.

Learning Goals

This exercise suggests via an energy analysis that it is worth spending to increase efficiency or save money.

Prepares students to build effective coalitions
Engages students in civil discourse/ communications that lead to more effective decisions

Connects them to their daily behaviors.

Advances students' literacy around sustainability issues.
Encourages self-reflection and personal development of their voice for solving societal challenges

For younger students (grades 10-13).

Context for Use

This is best as a team activity (Three-to-five students.)

10th grade on up ...

10'-20' of google searches, 20'-40' analysis, discussion, trouble-shooting.

Description and Teaching Materials

To Idle or Not to Idle, that is the Question (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 55kB Mar16 13)

Teaching Notes and Tips

Students can find more information at the resources listed below.


References and Resources

For more information on idling, see:

An internet search provides additional resources