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Editors: Frank Ireton, David W. Mogk and Cathryn A Manduca

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Panel 1: Why Use an Earth System Science Approach to Education?
Panel 2: What Should Be Taught in an Earth System Science Curriculum?
Panel 3: How Should We Teach Earth System Science?
Panel 4: How Should We Integrate Research and Education?
Panel 5: How Can We Change the Academic Culture to Promote Reform?
Panel 6: How Can We Increase Diversity, Recruitment, and Retention of Students in the Earth and Space Sciences?
Panel 7: How Can We Promote Lifelong Learning, K-12 Education, Professional Training, and Outreach to the Public About This Report and Workshop
About This Report and Workshop
Spheres of Influence Workshop Steering Committee
Spheres of Influence Workshop Participants
Selected Bibliography

This report outlines the outcomes of a workshop convened by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the Keck Geology Consortium held in November 1996 and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF grant DUE-96-14954). It has been reproduced here with permission from AGU as a service to the geoscience education community and provides a coherent educational plan for undergraduate Earth and space science education. Conveners were Frank Ireton, David W. Mogk and Cathryn A Manduca.
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