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This workshop was funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) grant DUE-96-14954, with joint funding provided by the Division of Undergraduate Education (Directorate for Education and Human Resources), Directorate for the Geosciences, Division of Earth Sciences, Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Division of Ocean Sciences, and Office of Polar Programs. The conveners would like to express our appreciation to Division Directors Robert Watson, Ian MacGregor, Mike Purdy, and Richard Greenfield for their support of this project. Other NSF Program Officers who made significant contributions to this project include Frank Settle, Susan Hixson, Jim Lightbourne, J. D. Garcia, Robert Ridky, Mike Mayhew, Chris Maples, Maryellen Cameron, Alan Gaines, Jewel Prendeville, Joan Mitchell, Linda Duguay, Scott Borg, Peter Wilkness, and Tom Baerwald. This workshop would not have been possible without the time and energy of the organizing committee, the invited panelists, and, in particular, the panel chairs. Thanks to all for your substantial efforts in the preparation of this report. The AGU contributed headquarters conference facilities and staff as hosts of the workshop and subsequent preparation of this report. Matching funds for participants costs were provided by the Keck Geology Consortium member institutions. Editing and compilation of the panelists' statements and recommendations was done by Crystal Lal. Layout, design, and production was done by AURAS Design.

The opinions expressed in this report are those of the participants and not those of AGU, NSF, or the Keck Geology Consortium.

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