Teaching Genomics

published May 31, 2012 1:18pm

May 16, 2012 - Jul 30, 2012

A new publication highlights the Inquiry-based Integrated Instructional Units (I3U) activity collection focused on providing adaptable laboratory experiences for genomics instruction across the curriculum. This collection was developed as a result of several workshops on how genomics is taught in the liberal arts environment. Each experience has been peer-reviewed and tested in the classroom. The collection contains activity sheets, learning goals, and teaching tips for each experience.

Along with providing background information about the project and the I3U portal, the publication clearly outlines the conceptual content and pedagogic attributes of each experience within the collection for fast reference.

Citation: Integrating Genomics Research throughout the Undergraduate Curriculum: A collection of inquiry-based genomics lab modules (2012) Banta, L.M., Crespi, E.J., Nehm, R.H., Schwarz, J.A., Singer, S., Manduca, C.A., Bush, E.C., Collins, E., Constance, C.M., Dean, D., Esteban, D., Fox, S., McDaris, J., Paul, C.A., Quinan, G., Raley-Susman, K.M., Smith, M.L., Wallace, C.S., Withers, G.S., Caporale, L., CBE Life Science Education, vol. 11, 1–5, Fall 2012.