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published Mar 1, 2024 4:06pm

Mar 18, 2024 -

Transforming STEM

Transforming STEM necessitates a collaborative effort involving STEM professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders committed to taking actionable steps in cultivating a productive and inclusive community. Through the exploration of innovative ideas, curriculum materials, policy revisions, and network leveraging, leaders can drive meaningful changes to advance initiatives within their institutions. This series will delve into the strategies employed by influential leaders in the field who have successfully spearheaded the transformation of STEM.

The first of three webinar series is titled Empowering Scientific Excellence: Leadership, Inclusion, and Innovation in STEM, being presented by Shirley Malcolm and Holden Thorp. This presentation invites leaders to reflect on lessons learned, delve into current trends, and explore pathways forward, ensuring the continual advancement of the field of science.

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