Writing with Images Workshop Agenda

December 8

8:30 Gather for breakfast treats, collect materials

9:00 Introductions to each other and to visual composition

9:45 Concepts and vocabulary of visual arrangement

10:45 Brief break

11:00 The rhetoricality of visual arrangement

12:30 Adjourn for buffet lunch

Homework: Kinross article; bring in 5-7 examples of visual composition that reflect your field's use of visuals.

Dinner gathering at Liz Ciner's home (202 Elm St.)

December 9

8:30 Breakfast,etc.

9:00 The values of visual composition

9:45 Production of visual texts as a form of analysis

11:15 Brief break

11:30 Ethics of visual composition

12:30 Lunch!

Homework: Buckingham chapter;analyze visual examples you gathered and list every possible choice made in composing those texts; sketch out an assignment using visuals that you might use in a course.

December 10

8:30 Chow

9:00 Creating assignments that ask students to engage with the visual

10:00 Evaluating visual compositions

11:00 Brief break

11:15 Considering your own assignments and evaluation

12:10 Big questions for future discussion

12:15 Workshop evaluation and development of a rubric for the Outrageous Socks Contest

12:30 Lunch plus cut-throat ugly sock competition, judged by Dean Scott Bierman (We will be joined by participants in theEthIC workshop, which begins Wednesday afternoon.)