Grant Opportunities

Course Revision/Creation Grants

Summer 2012 curricular revision grant proposals are due February 1, 2012. Talk to Mija Van Der Wege ( for more information. These 2-3 paragraph proposals should briefly describe the proposed course revision and indicate how it will involve students in quantitative analysis. Grants will provide a $1200 stipend for summer time. Proposals will be reviewed by Quirk's Steering Committee.

The project website includes supporting resources for faculty including example QR assignments, syllabi for recently taught first-year seminars supported by QuIRK, names of past grant recipients, and names of faculty and staff who have volunteered to assist those working on QR projects.

Assignment/Course Documentation Forms

Use these web forms to post your assignment or course on our website

Assignment Document Form

New Course Document Form

Payment Details

Grant stipends will be paid when the new assignment or course is documented on the website and goes 'live.'