Module 2: Long-term Spatial Transformations of the Glacier Basin System

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4 Units 2–3 Weeks Author 3

Initial Publication Date: October 11, 2023


Module 2 consists of four Units. The Units begin by exploring past ice margin retreat and processes of ice margin retreat and elevation change. The material then explores natural climate variability and anthropogenic forcings, and then examines potential future ice margin response to climate change.

Strengths of the Module

  • Students use authentic scientific data to explore a Greenland glacier system. Students dive into questions about timescales, decadal to centennial change, and interconnected Earth system elements.
  • Students develop a sense of place via interactive environments, field images, maps, geospatial data, and videos.
  • Interactive and diverse activities support students in developing stronger inquiry-based learning skills and challenge students to ask and investigate questions about climate, ice, and the landscapes of our planet.
  • Students gain geospatial analysis skills through spatial and temporal exercises that utilize Greenland specific datasets in QGIS

A great fit for courses in

  • Polar science
  • Earth science
  • Environmental science
  • Climate change
  • Quaternary geology

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