Initial Publication Date: August 18, 2023

Resources and Training

Teaching with 360-degree Interactive Environments

Links to the PolarPASS 360-degree Interactive Environments (360IEs) can be found here. For those teaching with 360IEs within the modules, please follow the generalized instructional workflow and provide students with the accompanying worksheet available here: PolarPASS Instructor Guide and Student Worksheet 360IE.pdf (Acrobat (PDF) 216kB Jan5 23). The workflow file also contains additional instructor resource slides that detail the various features within each scene of the 360IEs intended to assist instructors in creating a scavenger-hunt style activity for students (described in the workflow).

Hands-on with PolarPASS: Teaching with 360-degree Interactive Environments. An NAGT Webinar to get you ready to use 360IE in the classroom.

Teaching with GIS and QGreenland

PolarPASS GIS activities use QGIS and QGreenland. Use the information in this file to assist with setup: Mod 1 GIS Setup Instructions.pdf (Acrobat (PDF) 2.3MB Dec8 21). The QGIS software is a free alternative to the ArcGIS software and has similar capabilities. QGreenland is a QGIS project environment that provides a collection of curated interdisciplinary Greenland-focused data. The QGreenland website has information to install QGIS and use QGreenland. QGreenland provides a full User Guide and also online tutorial and how-to content that can help you to learn about using QGIS and QGreenland for the very first time. For example, use this video tutorial series to help anyone new to GIS to learn how to use QGIS and QGreenland.

Hands-on with PolarPASS: Easy tools to bring GIS skills and polar curriculum to your classroom. An NAGT webinar to get you ready to use GIS in the classroom.