Michelle Harris


Geology, Physical Sciences

Centralia College

Workshop Leader, Webinar Participant, Website Contributor

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Identifying Plate Boundaries, an Inquiry Lab part of Guided Inquiry Introductory Geology Labs:Activities
Average inquiry level: Guided inquiry Students working in groups will examine and discuss earthquakes, volcanoes, topography, faults, and seafloor ages and use those features to identify the boundaries of tectonic ...

Studying the Social/Cultural, Environmental, and Economic Impacts of Flooding on Chehalis River Basin Communities in a Geology Course part of Curriculum for the Bioregion:Activities
Students apply their knowledge of river processes, floodplains, and flooding to learn about, evaluate, and share flood mitigation strategies developed by governments and non-profit organizations in collaboration with local communities and tribal nations. Through strategy evaluation using social/cultural, environmental, and economic perspectives, students learn about the disproportionate impacts of floods and flood mitigation on marginalized communities near their college. Students conduct interviews to share information about sustainable flood mitigation strategies with community members who are affected by flooding and reflect on the effectiveness of their efforts.