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Create a Cladogram part of Paleontology:Activities
Create a cladogram using nails,screws, and bolts. Teaches students not familar with paleontology about cladistics using items most students have seen before.

What Can We Learn From Fossils part of Paleontology:Activities
To learn how paleontologist use fossils and rocks to learn about extinct organisms and paleoenvironments. Students use photographs to infer information about a living and an extinct organism. This allows students ...

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Darwin & Dinosaurs part of Paleontology:Courses
non-major general science

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Spatially Challenged Introductory Geoscience Students part of Rates and Time:Workshop 2012:Essays
Joann Hochstein, Physical Science Department, College of Central Florida Introductory geoscience courses teach students about complex earth processes, which generally require spatial skills to combine 1-, 2- and/ ...

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Concept Sketch Based Assessment part of Rates and Time:Assessments
This is Exam 2 for my Physical Geology course. It covers chapters that pertain to geologic time, the Earth's interior, earthquakes, and deformation of rocks.