Deana Pennington

Department of Geological Sciences

University of Texas at El Paso

Workshop Participant, Webinar Participant, Website Contributor

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Participatory Modelling: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand Stakeholder Awareness, Critical Thinking and Collaborative Reasoning About Water Scarcity. part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Previous Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2019:Program:Poster Sessions:Wednesday
Freshwater is a scarce natural resource in the Paso del Norte Region and continues to be threatened by the increase in demand and environmental stressors. The projected increase of water use along with rising ...

EMBeRS: A New Method for Igniting Interdisciplinary Learning, Synthesis and Convergence part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Previous Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2018:Program:Oral Sessions:Thursday A
Many of humanity's most pressing issues are socio-environmental, and as such, are ill-structured, "wicked" problems. Investigating wicked problems requires a collaborative process that includes ...

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Developing Student Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Leadership Capacity to Address Wicked Problems part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Previous Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2018:Program:Roundtable Discussions
This roundtable will address one of the biggest challenges for higher education, that is, training students to create effective interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary linkages to address the many "wicked ...