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The Math You Need, When You Need It 2011:
Workshop Program

Pre-workshop Leaders Meeting

Wednesday, July 27

10-11 am:
Introduction, workshop and expectations

11 - 12:30: Talk about successful implementation strategies that have worked for each of the leaders - brainstorm creative solutions to lingering problems

12:30-1:30: Lunch

Discuss Panel presentations (on Thursday) and how we'll best present these things.
  • 5 minute presentations - see e-mailed specifics
  • try to eliminate significant overlap in best practice aspects of implementations

Workshop Participant schedule

Wednesday, July 27

Noon-4 pm: participant check-in at Best Western Plaza on the Green

4-4:30 pm: Icebreaker in Best Western Plaza on the Green Lobby

4:30 pm: Shuttles will take participants from hotel to the Marine Science and Technology (MaST) Center at Redondo

5:00-5:30: Happy Hour at MaST

5:30-6:30:Pedagogy and results of The Math You Need - presentation by the TMYN PI's followed by Q and A

6:30 pm: Dinner: take-out from Emerald Thai II (menu) at "The Dock" with discussion of your tasks for tomorrow

Thursday, July 28

6:00-7:45: Continental breakfast at Best Western Plaza on the Green

Shuttle to Highline leaves from hotel

Introduction - Wenner/Baer

Small group discussion
  • Within small groups, discuss some strategies that you have tried to overcome your own difficulties in teaching quantitative skills.
  • What are some common challenges? Brainstorm creative solutions to challenges that have lingered despite your best efforts.
  • Think about ways that TMYN (given what you learned last evening) can help with these solutions too.
8:50-9:15:Whole group summaries of small group discussions

Small groups work through a module together. Unit Conversions

10:00-10:15: Morning Break

10:15-11:15: Implementation presentations (Panel)
  • Anna Tary - Bentley College/Boston University
  • Carla Whittington - Highline Community College
  • Christoph Geiss - Trinity College
  • Kate Kramer - McHenry County College
  • Kim Hannula - Fort Lewis College

11:15-noon: Small groups brainstorm about implementation models
What are your goals/objectives in using TMYN?
How does TMYN fit into the goals of your course?
How does it fit into the goals of increasing QS in geoscience students?
What aspects of successful implementations could you adopt or adapt to make TMYN most effective for your classroom?
Noon-1:00: Lunch (with continued discussion informally of implementation)

1:00-1:20: Editing your implementation page on SERC

The nitty-gritty of WAMAP (the testing software for TMYN)

1:40-2:40: Individual exploration of The Math You Need and WAMAP with help from leaders
  • Edit implementation page for your specific course considering the implementation models that were just discussed.
  • Explain your implementation plan, including grading stakes, quantitative geologic topics, plan for motivating students to use TMYN, etc.
  • Modify the section on modules to include only those you will use (get rid of "yes", etc.) and add some geologic topics from your syllabus that correspond with the modules
  • modify your implementation model pages by visiting, logging in and editing (see cream and purple colored pages in your folder). More help for editing can be found under the Documentation at the top of your account page.
2:40-3:00:Perspectives from Education Research: What we've learned from our initial expansion - Helen Burn

Afternoon break (leader check in)

3:15-6:00: Work on Implementations (syllabus, WAMAP, choosing modules appropriate to your class)

6:00: Dinner: Barbeque at Highline Community College with discussion of your tasks for tomorrow

After dinner: Shuttles back to hotel

Friday, July 29

6:00-7:45: Breakfast at Best Western Plaza

7:45: Board shuttle to Highline

8:00: Arrive at Highline with TMYN course design complete - syllabus modified

-8:15: Introduction to the day, address questions about Implementations/webpage product

9:45: Peer review implementation pages

9:45-11:30: Implementation presentations with coffee and pastries

11:30-noon:Time for modifications recommended by reviewers

noon-1:00: Lunch and final thoughts

1-1:30:Evaluation and reimbursement paperwork

1:30 pm:
Adjournment. Shuttles take you from hotel/Highline to airport

optional post-workshop short course

2:00-4:00: training your colleagues in TMYN best practices
  • Some creative models for institutionalizing TMYN
  • Encouraging colleagues (without becoming overbearing)
  • Essentials to remember
  • Discussion of ways you can be the "point person" for TMYN
  • Brainstorming essentials for a successful transition
  • Leaving with a plan for how this will work at your institution