Initial Publication Date: April 22, 2009

Participant List

Workshop Participants

Group 1

James Conder, Southern Illinois University - Reviewer
Rosemary Hickey-Vargas, Florida International University - What can (and cannot) be learned from scientific drilling using examples from Margins initiatives
Stephen Hurst, University of Illinois - Partition of thrust and strike/slip faulting in oblique subduction

Group 2

Michael Carr, Rutgers University- Volcanoes of Central America
Andrew Goodliffe, University of Alabama - A tour of the Mariana subduction system
Stacia Gordon, University of California; Santa Barbara - Reviewer

Group 3

Margaret Benoit, The College of New Jersey - A Geologic Safari of the East African Rift and the Newark Basin: Why These Areas Are More Alike Than You Know
Susan Bilek, New Mexico Tech - Reviewer
Jeff Ryan, University of South Florida - Plate Tectonics as Expressed in Geological Landforms and Events: An Exploration using Google Earth and GeoMapApp
Gerry Simila, CSU Northridge - Reviewer

Group 4

Juan Baztan, Marine Sciences for Society - What does "spatial resolution" mean? Some answers using MARGINS data.
Cindy Palinkas, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science - Reviewer
Laura Reiser Wetzel, Eckerd College - News Flash: MARGINS Discovery Oral Presentation, What Kind of Continental Margin am I? Active or Passive?

Group 5

Elisabeth Nadin, California Institute of Technology - Sea Level Change and Historical Earthquakes of Sumatra from Coral Growth Rings
Glenn Spinelli, New Mexico Tech - Reviewer
Susanne Straub, LDEO - A Volcanic Record Through Time

Group 6

Andrew Newman, Georgia Tech - From Ocean Topography to Flexural Rigidity
Leslie Sautter, College of Charleston - Margin Morphology: Does form follow function?
Sandra Swenson, John Jay College; CUNY - Reviewer

Group 7

Karin Block, LDEO - Using geochemical proxies to trace sediment sources
Lonnie Liethold, North Carolina State University - Sediment production and distribution across the margins
Laura Mallard, Appalachian State University - Reviewer

Group 8

Karen Bemis, Rutgers University - Reviewer
Annika Johansson, LDEO - Using geochemical proxies to trace sediment sources
Cecilia McHugh, Queens College; CUNY - Source to Sink Morphology, Sedimentation, and Anthropogenic Impact: Hudson System, New York

Organizers and Staff

Andy Goodliffe, University of Alabama
Andrew Goodwillie, LDEO
Rosemary Hickey-Vargas, Florida International University
Cathy Manduca, Carleton College
John McDaris, Carleton College
Jeff Ryan, University of South Florida